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Radio Bob, 8/8/04
Agata of Melt-Banana
At the risk of launching yet another stupid meme, here's the last 20 songs my iPod (on shuffle play) served up to me:

1) Pixies - River Euphrates
2) Mission of Burma - Hunt Again
3) Robyn Hitchcock - Queen Elvis
4) Throwing Muses - Catch
5) Babyfat - Sloth
6) Jawbox - Cooling Card
7) Helium - Lazy
8) Duke Ellington - Backward Country boy Blues
9) Elliott Smith - I Better Be Quiet Now
10) Left Banke - Desiree
11) Kostars - Never So Lonely
12) Paula Kelley - My Finest Hour
13) Wire - From the Nursery
14) Geraldine Fibbers - California Tuffy
15) Elvis Costello - Shot With His Own Gun
16) Pixies - Dig for Fire
17) Richard Buckner - Stumble Down
18) Willie Alexander - You Looked So Pretty When
19) Montage - Wake Up Jimmy (Something Is Happening Outside)
20) Paula Kelley - For Someone

Of course, I've still got a lot of CDs that aren't up on it yet (and a lot of my vintage punk is on vinyl, which would be a pain to rip), but I think this gives a reasonable representation of what I've been listening to the last few years.

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I found your lj randomly, but you have an amazing taste in music,and you like neil gaiman, which is another plus.

It's a pleasure to meet the other Cindy Lee Berryhill fan on LJ (at least the only one to list her as an interest). Plus your page is named after a Soft Boys song, too! Consider yourself friended.

You're Bay Area, right? Nice to know Dresden Dolls fandom stretches out that far (I saw them twice recently, opening for Mission of Burma). I was just in SF recently, thanks to the hospitality of my friend rustynewnails . Most of my time was spent at this conference, but we did get to see Sleepytime Gorilla Museum at some club in the Mission.

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