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Film Thought #3
Agata of Melt-Banana
I really enjoyed End of the Century, the Ramones documentary. It was very true to the way those early times felt.

The part that resonated most with me was when they were talking about how they got to know each other, which was the same way I found my friends in the early 70s. Basically, they were the only Stooges fans they knew. And that really was the most relevant musical question at that time. If you liked the Stooges (which meant that it was a pretty good bet that you liked the MC5 and Velvet Underground too), you were part of a extremely small group. And when anyone else you might want to know found out what you listened to, they got scared.

It was a proud and lonely thing to love that kind of stuff in that time. Who knew it would someday be used to sell beer and cars?

BTW, you Boston-area procrastinators will be glad to know that the film's run has been extended at the Kendall (don't ask me how long, but till Thursday at least).

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have you seen festival express yet? i really want to see that.

Haven't seen it. Lot of gigs coming up, so I'm being very miserly on the film front. Hey, whatever happened to that P/P Honan library series?

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